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Natural Dying & Foraging Camping Weekend.

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Learn what colours are hiding in our hedgerows

Love Nature

Love Fabrics

Love the Outdoors


This is a weekend to learn, experiment and appreciate natures colours.

Adventurous but relaxing, this will be an exploration into our farm hedges, finding, collecting, and learning about an assortment of plant matter suitable for fabric dying and experimenting to see what array of colours they produce. 

Working together with others, gathering, processing, and making dyes is a great way to make the hearty work light & fun.   We will be lighting fires and dying in the open air at our group camping venue beside the river Arun. 

Using natural fibres, mordanting processes & age-old natural dyeing techniques we will develop a range of colour samples and understand the stages of dyeing. 

The aim of the weekend is to have an enjoyable time in our great outdoors, give you a good basic knowledge of the seasonal plants available for dyeing and skills to build confidence for you to continue dyeing when you go home. 

The course will run from 10am on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday.  We will be staying on site, Tents or Campervan are preferred, there will be a minimum availability for Caravans.  There is also an option to stay the Friday night to settle in early, start scouring your fabric & enjoy an extra night around the campfire.

Equipment and materials are provided, although there will be a suggested kit list of extras you may want to bring, available after booking.  

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