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Pre-Arrival Information

Pine Spruce Branches 9

(Please make your booking on the "Book A Pitch" page before completing this form.)

Thank you for booking your stay with Cuckoo Camping.

Please now complete the Camper Information Form below and read our Pre-arrival information policy below.   You can also download and print this policy.

You will be provided your Pitch Number on receipt of the completed camper information form below & 1 week before arrival.


Please now read our Pre-Arrival Policy:

•    Make sure you know your Pitch Number and find it on the provided map before you arrive, we are a contactless check-in site.
•    Please Check-in between 2PM and no later than 7PM.
•    Check-out by 12AM.

•    All litter is to be disposed of properly in the designated bins (please use the recycling bins responsibly).
•    Water buckets are provided at each pitch, please ensure they are always full of water at all times in case of an emergency.

  • BBQ's & Fire pit are allowed, but if dry conditions occur fire pits will be stopped.  The purchase of logs from the campsite is available.  DO NOT pick wood or twigs up or from the trees around the campsite, also wood bought in with nails, screws or metal in will not be tolerated.Please read and adhere to fire precaution sign on your pitch on arrival.

•    Please be considerate of fellow campers, with loud noise or music to be stopped by 11PM.
•    Dogs must be kept on a lead while in the campsite, no dangerous breeds allowed (see dangerous dogs act 1991).
•    If any issues or antisocial behaviour should arise please don’t hesitate to call Karen on 07759172021.
•    Pitches must be left clear and in a tidy state.
•    We appreciate your reviews on TripAdvisor and if you have any constructive feedback, we are keen to listen. 

  • ​If there are any issues or you are not happy please talk to us before turning to social media we are happy to help wherever possible.


Most importantly slow down, relax and have fun in the great outdoors. We love it here hope you do too
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